KSJ is looking for embedded engineers,
regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career.

Overview of KSJ embedded board development work


Major industrial equipment manufacturers (semiconductor manufacturing equipment related, mechanical equipment related),
R&D departments of universities, research institutes, manufacturers, etc.
There are many inquiries from overseas customers.

◆Corporate character

We respect the free working styles of engineers.
Working at Flex time, Leaving office by personal reason, Going to a cafe during working hours for refreshment.
Development engineers are mainly in their 30s and 40s.


Weekly holidays 2 days / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, long vacations (year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, summer), paid up to 20 days


Salary increase timing (once a year), Bonus twice a year (July, December), Social insurance (welfare pension, employment insurance)
Full payment of all expenses, Retirement allowance system, AIG Hyper voluntary work accident full-time compensation.

Software engineer recruitment

◆KSJ soft Engineer

Main development engineer is in charge of system requirement definition and specification creation.
Software development is handled by a little less than 10 people, and each field is assigned by individual skills.

◆What you will do

You will be involved in support work under the guidance of existing members.
Learn about the work flow and our products at OJT while taking charge of some areas of development.
Depending on your skill, it is possible to take charge of a phase closer to development.
We also have a shortage of support members, so we welcome your detailed support.

◆Estimated product field

○ EtherCAT system
Because of its higher performance than a few years ago, it has been attracting worldwide attention.
Since there is a dedicated system for each company, we are looking for development / support personnel.
〇 Motor driver board
Currently, we are promoting development as a new product.
We are looking for personnel because it is expected that there will be a shortage of support staff due to customer expansion in the future.

◆Preffered skills

Over 1 year of programming development experience with C, C# lang, etc. * Embedded system development experience is most welcome!

★ We welcome inexperienced people who have aspirations to cultivate our technology!
If you have any knowledge / experience of any of the following, please apply.
◎ Knowledge of fields such as electronics / information
◎ Knowledge of C, C # language (whether PC application or embedded software)
◎ Knowledge / knowledge about hardware such as board circuit / FPGA
◎ Knowledge / knowledge about communication control, motor control, and robot control

◆Estimated salary (annual)

4 to 8 million yen * According to skill

◆Work place

Tokyo Head office (3 minutes walk from Nakano Sakaue Station, Marunouchi Line)

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