Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Applicant Guidance Information for who want to be a part of KSJ

Please contact us if you want to apply for.
KSJ awaits any applicants, even new graduate are welcome, who has high motivation and passion through year.

KSJ Overview
Our company is one of R&D type maker, develop product using multiple technology to contribute for industrial fields which required electronics technology, system technology and field network technology, and also the maker supply high reliable product with mass-production technology extended from those technology.

Attitude for development and supplying product.
Our company develops variety of control device with cultivated technology by innovative idea and assumption power.
Combined elemental technologies, which are advantage of KSJ, such like measurement, control technology, communication control, computer technology, KSJ propose new valuable creation, and resolve all customer’s technical problem for developing product, and supply product as a partner.

Required Character
WANTED!! “Always being with full of curiosity and activeness”

We are thinking that our developed products and systems since KSJ started are the evidence of our delight. As this words show, the company growth is really depends on each employee growth. We must be always changed, and also growing up.
KSJ is really welcome for the person who is having curiosity and activeness without fear of error.

Recruitment Contact Information
4F Kurosu Bldg., 2-54-13 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0012, Japan
KSJ Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-5302-1368
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