Business Introduction:Circuit board manufacturing business

We will put in place a system that produces high-quality products that can not be realized by fabless fabrication, including production of component parts developed by our company in the entire company. For that purpose, we have a manufacturing factory for 100% subsidiary companies in Rare as a board packaging factory, and we are now producing printed circuit boards. In addition, in order to manufacture substrates in industrial fields where high reliability is required, various inspections such as power aging and temperature stress of the mounted board are performed, then after the electrical inspection using the checker the Yokkaichi business We will lay a system that we can offer to customers for the first time to do it. By developing and inspecting in-house, by developing and designing various problems occurring at that time, it is possible to provide very high-quality products.
In addition, since all procurement is done in-house, we have established a system that can promptly respond to parts information and discicon information that has a superior cost advantage. In addition, our manufacturing business is limited to products developed and designed by our company, and further we realize the traceability management system by managing the bar code of parts.

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Not only development, but also board implementation is being done in our company.

Quality Assurance System

  • ・Double check: Factory in Malaysia and also yokkaichi branch, and the final circuit check inspection is carried out by automatic inspection equipment.
  • ・High traceability: Our company has established a system to manage by barcode from the point of purchasing parts and link it with manufacturing parts.
  • ・Avoid human error: During manually soldering, we started using spot soldering machine. And a mounter equiped with automatic LCR check and bar code management to prevent using wrong parts or component.