Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Basic Policy

KSJ Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) shall comply with all laws and internal regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information (defined as information pertaining to living people wherein any name, date of birth or other datum may be used to identify any individual). The Company shall protect personal privacy by obtaining and using personal information appropriately, maintaining such information safe and up-to-date, and disposing of it by appropriate methods.

2. Company-wide Privacy Protection Activities

(1) The Company shall comply with privacy protection laws.
(2) The Company shall establish and comply with privacy protection regulations.
(3) The Company shall periodically ascertain whether or not personal information is being handled appropriately, and act to remedy any problems should they be discovered.
(4) The Company shall request cooperation from all companies in the JR East Group, and business partners-corporate and otherwise- in achieving the objectives of the internal regulations.
(5) The Company’s privacy policy shall be made available to the public at all times, such as by posting it on the Company's website.

3. Handling Personal Information

The Company shall handle personal information as outlined below except where law permits otherwise.

(1) Internal Systems
The Company shall assign administrators for each item of personal information, and shall manage all such information appropriately.
(2) Obtaining Personal Information
The Company shall specify the purpose of use for and obtain personal information by appropriate means.
(3) Use of Personal Information
In using personal information, the Company fully acknowledges the importance of privacy protection, and shall only use personal information for the stated purposes.
(4) Management
The Company shall implement all necessary safety measures in managing personal information.
(5) Personal Rights
The Company shall acknowledge and respect the rights of those whose personal information the Company possesses. If any such person requests that their personal information be disclosed or revised, or that the Company cease use of such information, the Company shall do so within a reasonable period and within the scope of law.
(6) Improvements
The Company shall continually endeavour to improve its protection of personal privacy.