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  1. KSJ Robotics!!

    Concept of KSJ products

    Introduction of KSJ key technology for Robot development.
    ROS, EtherCAT, image processing and motor driver.


    ・Evaluation board UZ100 with Ultrascale + MPSoC Zynq
    ・ROS, Image processing, EtherCAT
    ・Brushless DC motor driver (Inros / Kyros series)

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    KSJ can offer the hardware and software of EtherCAT.
    Spec of "KSJ Original FPGA-based EtherCAT master" is remarkable.


    High-speed cycle time less than 100 μsec!
    Low-jitter frames less than 50 nsec

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    Motor driver
    (Brushless DC servo)

    We developed many lineups depends on shape, rated current and performance.


    Cheap model is for mass-production, miniaturized shape is for built-in small devices like robots.

  3. s
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    ROS application
    (Robot Operating System)

    Combining of KSJ key technologies, KSJ can provide the development platform for robot development vendors.


    Robot company can focus on original unique idea, and reduce the risk of development.

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    Image processing

    User can customize the hybrid image processing system of FPGA libray and Linux OpenCV library.


    User can evaluateHybrid image processing using UZ100 board!

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    Custom development

    KSJ can develop specification, circuit design and firmware.
    We are also good at manufacturing the mass production boards.


    Improvement of development speed and reliability
    Achieve a reduction in product price

  3. 6

    EMS, Manufacturing

    KSJ is manufacturing the electric boards from parts procurement to inspection in the industrial field where high reliability is required.


    Problems will be feedback to development and design
    KSJ will provide high quality products.


We are a technology company with over 30 years experience of industrial control systems and embedded control boards which are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipments and machining equipments.
We can develop electronic circuit design and software development including firmware, FPGA circuit design. We are also familiar with reliability tests such as CE marking declaration.

From specification desctiption and development to manufacturing, we have the confidense on proposing to customers the best way. We pride ourselves on not only being able to develop in a short period of time, but also being able to provide mass-produced products at low cost and with high quality. In terms of mass-production of boards, we have made efforts to supply highly reliable products by establishing automatic checkers for electric circuits and quality control traceability software.

Recently we are focused on our brand product's development such as FPGA-based EtherCAT master, DC brushless motor driver, image processing, and ROS robot control. FPGA-based EtherCAT master is useful for motor drivers that require high speed / simultaneity control, and we have developed DC blushless servo motor driver as a new product.

About newly developed UZ100 board equipped with "Ultrascale + MPSoc Zynq", we have prepared an environment where ROS2 / image processing / EtherCAT can be evaluated as a integrated one system. We expect that it will have great utility value as a development platform for robot developers.





  • 2022 Jan

     KSJ will attend Automate show in Detroit, USA.
    Exhibitation: AUTOMATE show
    Term: Jun 06-09th 2022 Booth#4309

  • 2021 May

     Signed a capital tie-up with Nippon Pulse Motor Corporation.
    Nippon Pulse Motor web: Nippon Pulse Motor

  • 2019 Sep

     KSJ will attend Innovative Industry fair (IIFES) exhibitation in Tokyo, Japan.
     Period: 2019 Nov 26-28th.

  • 2017 Sep

     KSJ will attend System Control fair (SCF) exhibitation in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 2016 May

     Signed a partnership agreement with RADIC Technologies Inc.
    RADIC web: RADIC technologies

  • 2015 Feb

     KSJ will attend Japan IT week (ESEC) exhibitation in Tokyo, Japan.


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