Business Introduction:EtherCAT business

In order to provide the embedded EtherCAT communication system as our original product, we started as a full-fledged business from 2013. Both of hardware and software are designed and developed within our company, and we have constructed not only board but also master stack and slave stack. It is possible to offer "EtherCAT master board with original master master stack". Capability of original hardware and original software in EtherCAT is our strength, we believe.
In order to differentiate itself from other master stack vendors and to create our own characteristics, our EtherCAT stack is promoting FPGA conversion for both master and slave. As a result of hardening, it is possible to realize high-performance / high-accuracy blurring (jitter) of periodic communication speed and transmission timing which is a bottleneck for the communication system, and can also meet the high level required specifications.
Also, in terms of cost, our board has great strengths. Originally hardware design / manufacturing is our company's specialty, but when providing it as a board with an EtherCAT stack, we can substantially free up the license fee for EtherCAT stack, which is normally required. It is because our EtherCAT stack is our original developped one which don't cost any outside company's fee. As a result, total cost of "Board + EtherCAT stack" can be very inexpensive.

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Developed EtherCAT communication board that operates on FPGA! (Both Master and Slave)

Achieved high specifications by hardwareized EtherCAT communication.

  • ・Master supported function
    "ETG.1500 class B compliant function", "DC function", "Cable Redundancy", "FoE"
  • ・Periodic communication speed / transmission timing jitter
    32 bit data × 1 slave system: 8 μsec (Jitter ≈ 30 nsec)
    40 byte data × 5 slave system: 40 μsec (Jitter ≈ 30 nsec)

In-house development board realizes inexpensive cost

  • ・When you supply the board, you can free the cost of the master stack, it is very inexpensive
    (* Our developed master stack installed)
    (In the case of ※ FPGA slave, Beckhoff IP core cost is required separately)
  • ・When you use our standard master / slave board,
    Any changes or modifications From connector to necessary functions / interfaces required by customer are possible.
  • ・Can support both Xilinx FPGA and Intel FPGA
  • ・Zynq 7000 series, Ultrascale Zynq board can be provided
  • Partnership in USA
  • RADIC Technologies, Inc.
  • KSJ's partnership company in US and Canada, RADIC is specialized in EtherCAT, communication, etc.
  • RADIC can sell/support KSJ products in US and Canada.
  • website:
  • Email: Sales@Radictech.Com
  • Phone: +1-408-263-6500
  • 1922 The Alameda Suite 216, San Jose, California 95126

History of EtherCAT Development

  • ・Focusing on EtherCAT technology which is a type of industrial open network system, Embarked on development of embedded EtherCAT master / slave
  • ・Developed Lic-Z board equipped with Xilinx Zynq SoC for evaluating EtherCAT master.
  • ・Developed original master stack. As the first step, EtherCAT Class B and DC function, redundancy is realized on ARM CPU.
  • ・Developed EtherCAT slave using Beckhoff EtherCAT slave controller ET1100 + microprocessor.
  • ・Developed LZ200 board. Achieved high performance, compact design, can be used as KSJ EtherCAT masterstack evaluation.
  • ・Realized EtherCAT slave using TI AM3357 Sitara microprocessor
  • ・Transferred EtherCAT master stack function from ARM CPU to FPGA area on Zynq SoC, successfully developped high spec FPGA master which can realize extremely fast periodic communication and low jitter. For initialization of EtherCAT network, our EtherCAT master can use either microblaze processor inside FPGA or ARM CPU microprocessor.
  • ・Developed LZ201 board for evaluation of FPGA-based KSJ EtherCAT master.
  • ・Developed EtherCAT slavestack on FPGA using Beckhoff IP core "ET1815 / ET1816".
  • ・Xilinx FPGA based EtherCAT masterstack migrated to Intel FPGA (Cyclone V).
  • ・Developed an EtherCAT slave using Infineon's XMC4300, and started to develop stepper motion drive board as EtherCAT slave.
  • ・"Beckhoff IP core + KSJ slave IP core" makes very fast cycle communication realizing precise DC timing (faster communication need more precise DC timing control).
  • ・For evaluation of FPGA based KSJ slave stack, LZ202 has developped as an updated version of LZ201.

EtherCAT Users Manual

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