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EMS Business

EMS Business

You think that the PCB for industrial use is small volume and large variety, and it is impossible to manufacture at oversea? Thus, manufacturing in Japan is the only way to keep the quality and lead time in anyhow??

Please leave it to us!!

We will resolve all by implementing cost down of semiconductor parts, and foreign exchange fluctuation risk hedge.

KSJ Group’s EMS Business History.

Our company supplied either our or other contract business products by manufacturing with fabless at the beginning, because our company consistently focused for small quantity and large variety of industrial product.
However, we easily estimated that the manufacturing in Japan would be more difficult, and had to think about the oversea manufacturing.
However, we had big doubt on oversea fabless if it can keep the same quality and delivery time as domestic manufacturing or not. Then, KSJ made a decision to change direction from the fabless manufacturing to own manufacturing.
As the result, KSJ acquired manufacturing subcontractor Daikyou Denshi in the end of 2011.
As you may know, the semiconductor, main part of our product’s percentage of overseas is increasing rapidly, thus, the time has been changed it to disadvantage, bringing those parts and manufacturing product in Japan.
Manufacturing concentrates on China/ASEAN, Singapore and Hong Kong is now become one of the big area. As a result of this, manufacturing in Japan is disadvantaged from cost and delivery time. KSJ considered about Japan market trend and all above matter, then, started to determine an establishing a subsidiary manufacturing company at oversea.
To establish a subsidiary manufacturing company, KSJ examined the area/country where KSJ can invest upon 100%, and other condition like infrastructure, etc. And, KSJ choose Malaysia and started the preparation.
As a result, KSJ acquired the land and building at Nilai district, Malaysia on Spring2012, and established subsidiary company on Sep. 2012, and started the manufacturing on June 2013 after arranging all factory equipment.
And, KSJ and Sistec, which is supplying all parts since KSJ was launched, established another subsidiary company in Singapore to build a procurement route for off-shore parts. For those two subsidiary companies in Malaysia and Singapore, KSJ was successfully organized the structure of delivery control in case of tight supply of semiconductor parts and advanced cost down.
KSJ organized this manufacturing structure, assigned Japanese staff at Malaysia site to keep our current quality level, and started to improve production control system to standardize between Japan and Malaysia. 
To distribute our solution as wide as possible, KSJ promotes this business with SISTEC.
Please watch [KSJ&SISTEC Present] at our home page.