Data Collection System
Data Collection System

Data Collection System

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This system is able to collect data from distant location at same time axis by adjusting time by GPS.  This system is organized by measuring terminal device and parent unit that collecting and saving data from terminal device. Both device and parent unit’s hardware, software are originally developed.
The terminal device collects three of 2 byte data on every 10msec, and has function to send those data via Bluetooth within 3msec.
As a result, 3 terminals have high speed data transmit function on real time, and the parent unit also has real time data receiving function.
The parent unit has function to receive and save data from 3 terminal units, and to connect to GPS and set accurate time to terminal device. Also, has file server function by FTP or Windows Network, etc.
Using all these functions, we successfully implemented high speed data collection system at very wide range and distributed locations at same time axis.
We also develop hardware and firmware for those devices.
In actual usage of this system is measuring the data of shaking at separated locations of building and collecting propagation of shaking by accelerometer embedded in terminal device.
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