Custom development

We have experience over 30 years to provide the solution in industrial field where high reliability of hardware and software development. Even very advanced solution something like Zynq UltraScale, we can provide hardware and software development on real-time OS. And we are good at very low develop cost and very fast development.

Especially in the specification construction, we can propose the ladder software of PLC, so we can check the rough estimation of system requirements using PLC at the first step. By migrating the logic to the cuircuit board after the specifications are decided, it might reduce the development time and cost. We can carry out any procedure following customer's requests.

In addition, we manufacture the board by ourselves. Since we consistently carry out production from specification construction to manufacturing, we can speed up development, improve reliability, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Example of replacement from PLC system to embedded board system

Touch panel GUI is also available with embedded boards

  • ・With the cooperation of one touch panel manufacturer, we have already developed a display that connects to our board (TCP/IP).
  • ・By the expansion connectors, I/O units and communication interfaces can be expanded.
  • ・We can respond to high-performance system at low cost.